• Introduction

Art is a story that the artist has touched it and expressed it in a visual form, and attracts the audience when he/she finds himself/herself in the story. The artwork deals with what is not heard and establishes a same dialogue with its audiences.
Art and audience are both artists of a common story in the artist’s eyes.
Referring to Sketuovsky’s statement that art is considered as a creative consumption against a defense consumption. You can retrieve the cost you have made, but if you lose the opportunity to buy an artwork when it’s available, you probably won’t get it again.

  • Concept

Platform: A space that organizes the art and the audience confrontation by the artist. In fact the platform is like a theater scene that art and audience are the role players and the artist is the scene manager. In the text below, the term scene is used instead of the platform.
Equality of opportunity for the artist and the audience. In fact, the artist is the designer of the scene where the audience and art confronts each other that focuses on the evolution of art against the audience and vice versa. The mission of the artist is to guide the scene actors.

  • Vision

Creating an open and clear area and artist starting point in the global game.
Creating a platform for healthy competition with the same goals for world-class artists in order to publicize the expression of the unity of art away from the geographic location.
Creating an equal opportunity for the artist and the audience in line with the values of both.

  • Values

The neutral 101 platform addresses all the concerns in the art world, supporting the artist and the calmness of the audience. It’s a distinguished path supporting the artist like a friend and is familiar with their concerns. He tries to avoid racial differences and to make a similar statement in the eyes of artists around the world. The platform 101 accompanies the artist with the right framework and principles in an open area.

  • Procedure

Exhibitions with small frames. The platform 101, by arranging exhibition tours, offers the same opportunity for the artist to deliver and establish a dialogue with the audience as well as the chance to address the audience role-playing in his work of art.
The first phase of the 101 platform, with the holding of seven tours of the exhibition on sale in Iran in a 3 months period, has been responsible for supporting the Iranian artist and the involvement of the Iranian audience with the work of art.
And now there is an online edition of auction for 101 Iranian and non-Iranian artists on the platform site.
The platform’s vision of the team is that the second phase of the 101 platform will be conducted with its original concept in the international level in three separate countries and will create the opportunity for the Iranian artists to compete in the global market and also a collective alliance among Iranian and non-Iranian audiences.

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