Glitch: Aesthetic of the Pixels

The mission of the new exhibition is to redefine the concept and understanding of pixels. “Glitch: Aesthetic of the Pixels” will allow you to look at pixels as aesthetic and independent elements of art. Their independent identity is one of the major focuses of artists’ exploration. Never before have the nature and value of pixel aesthetics been so meticulously explored.
VOL.03 | Glitch: Aesthetic Of The Pixels |

Platform 101 new glitch video art exhibition explores the concepts of pixel language and glitch aesthetics. The event is curated by Mohammad Ali Famori and features amazing works by 27 artists from around the world.




Vol.3 |

artists list |




The full list of artists participating in the show included Abarca, Arash Masoom, Arezou Ramezani, Aqeaq Afkhami, Mohammad Abdollahzadeh, Reza Famori, Diyufang, Franco Palioff, Hernando Urrutia, Mohammad Ali Famori, Monika Mihaly, Nazila Karimi, Erfan Ashourioun, Neda Dastafkan, Nima Mansoury, Elnaz Mohammadi, Parisa Pakzamir, Ramin Saeidian, Chris Kore, Sabato Vissconti, Sadegh Majlesi, Shalala Salamzadeh, Shahab Shahali, Suture Blue, Parnian Donyari, Chris Kore, and Yannet Vilela Medina. The sound designers of the event were Farbod Hamedi, Ehsan Masoudian, Kamran Mottaghi, Babak Sepanta, Jesper Frederiksen, and Mohammad Sahebzamani.