| PLATFORM 101 VOL.02 |
| “Glitch: Pixel Language” |
2019 | 2020

PLATFORM 101 – vol.2


GLITCH: PIXEL LANGUAGE | Platform 101 – Vol.02 – Glitch Video Art Group Exhibitions | at Bavan Gallery |
Curators: Mohammad Ali Famori | Sadegh Majlesi |
25 Dec 2020- 11 Mar 2021 |
27 Artists in 11 Weeks


Vol.2 Statement

Glitch: Pixel language


The binary code of zeros and ones are the foundation of the digital world. Binary code can be defined as the basis and the nature of the digital era. All the definitions of the world of technology and informatics include computing and converting the “zero and one” binary codes. Transferring and calculating data in zero and one system, and creating a safe and secure path for it, has always been one of the goals and missions of the modern man. From the beginning, any fault, disruption, and destruction of the rhythm designated by zero and one have been considered a defect in one of the three sides of the connection, the digital transmitter, receiver, and broadcasting device. Contrary to this notion, in the late 20th century, a new language or genre emerged in the digital art world called “Glitch”, which looked at this triangle from an aesthetic point of view and provided new grounds for new interpretations of the noise and glitch phenomenon apart from their mechanical process. The ambiguity in the language of glitch leads to two functions, on the one hand, it gave pixel an independent identity as the smallest component of the digital image, capable of carrying a new mode of expression. It also allows the viewer to look at a disrupted and destroyed image, and by personal interpretations participate in making new meaning. 

Pixel language

Pixel language in glitch art is a language and discourse that moves from the whole to parts and subsequently from parts to the whole, creating a cycle that makes us look at pixels as independent elements. In this way, glitch artists distance themselves from the public opinions regarding the noise and create works to introduce the value and nature of pixels, and they do so by redefining the pixel language in our minds. The structural contradictions and apparent similarities between pixel and visual languages ​​have led the glitch artists to utilize all available features and strategies of the visual language, in line with practical logic and structure of the technological revolution to make his language live longer.

Mohammad Ali Famori & Sadegh Majlesi

101 Intuition of Single Frequency Platform #101, where we will present your photos which are B&W and about
“equal opportunities for audiences and artists”
Standard sizes
portrait 6 x 4 inches (15x10cm) | landscape 4 x 6 inches (10x15cm)

Platform 101 VOL.01

101 Intuition of Single Frequency


Introduction :

Art is a creative consumption. There is a definition of art that (Skytovsky) in 1976 named as Creative use against Defensive use. You can regain the cost you’ve set, but if you miss the opportunity to buy a piece of art when it’s available, you probably will not get it again.


Equal Opportunity for the Artist and the Audience Platform 101, is an opportunity for people to transform and change their lives through art, on the other hand, it is an opportunity for the artist to make his art fairly accessible to everyone, in other words, to make it democratize.

Executive procedure:

Exhibitions with small frames

Platform 101 seeks to display a collection of small-scale works (10 by 15 cm) in seven (editions) in seven galleries.

The first exhibition period will be open on June 22 in the Roo-be-roo  Mansion and Negar gallery .The second exhibition period will continue on June 20th at the No.4 gallery and on July 22 th at the Entezami Mansion The Isfahan Matn Gallery will host the fifth opening of the exhibition on the 20th of July. Coming back the tour to Tehran again, the sixth period will be on the walls of the Aliyah Gallery on August 26th. The latest exhibition from the September 7th in Ariana Gallery and will continue until the closing date on September 26th.


Black and WhiteThe art of photography is a success in using harmony, saturation and color tones to shape a mood or atmosphere. This point is formed in black and white photography around the contradiction and texture axis. Thus, it can be said that this platform 101 recognizes the power of reflection of creativity in representing what the artist thinks, by releasing them in a specific subject context.Number of exhibits: 101Eventually, we will see 101 single -color and single-frequency views of the 101 artistic atmospheres in the Café Cinema fair. The exhibition, which belongs to reviewed on one-color photography artworks has been considered as a research work and two articles have been written about it.

Artworks Price:

101 thousand TomansOn this platform, works with fixed priced at 101,000 Tomans offered for sale, and during the auction period, the artwork with each purchasing tag, 50,000 Toman will be added to the price and it can be sold to more than one piece to the last proposed price.


The theme of the first exhibition:

Suddenly I understand, that one photo can stop the eternity in the moment. In the name of Henry Cartier Bresson, the creator of the concept of “decisive moment” Henri Cartier-Bresson (born on August 22, 1908, in, Chantaloup-Brie France – died on August 3, 2004) was a French photographer who invented and developed the photojournalism. He pioneered the genre of street photography, a viewed photography as capturing a decisive moment.He believed: “There is a fraction of a second which is creative. When you capture a picture, your eyes need to see the composition or statement in life that is presented to you and should realize it in the moment you take the photo. This is the moment that a photographer becomes a creator. In photography, even the smallest things can be the greatest subjects; even the small features can become an important topic.

Director of platform

Mohammad Ali Famori

Platform 101’s first exhibition tour kickstarted at the Rooberoo Mansion and Negar Art Gallery in summer 2018 in Tehran, Iran. The tour is followed by exhibitions held at No.4 Art Gallery  in Tehran, Matn Gallery in Isfahan, and returning to Tehran for the last two exhibitions at the Alihah Gallery and Ariana Gallery for the following dates:

Roberoo Mansion; June 22 – July 3, 2018
Negar Art Gallery; June 22 – June 29, 2018
No.4 Art Gallery; July 20 – July 23, 2018
Matn Art Gallery; August 10 – August 29, 2018
Alihah Gallery; August 17 – September 17, 2018
Ariana Gallery; September 7 – September 18, 2018

| Featured Musician VOl.01 | Kamran Mottaghi |

| Left behind music Albums released in 14 may 2018 |
| track 101 release in 22 june |
 | contributer and publisher : platform 101 |


| Featured Musician VOl.01 | Kamran Mottaghi |

| Left behind music Albums released in 14 may 2018 |
| track 101 release in 22 june |
 | contributer and publisher : platform 101 |


| Featured Musician VOl.01 | Kamran Mottaghi |

| Left behind music Albums released in 14 may 2018 |
| track 101 release in 22 june |
 | contributer and publisher : platform 101 |